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Layout: 05: Monochromatic.

Live Preview is currently [personal profile] lastclimb.

Works with: Chrome, FireFox, IE.
Resolution: 1024x768 and above.
Features: Custom everything except the usual modules; good on mobile?
Navstrip: Yes.

How To Install:

1. Go to the Select Style page and type "Plain" into the search box. Select Plain for Tabula Rasa by hitting Apply Theme underneath it.

2. Go to the Modules page. Decide where you want your modules to be. Hit Save.

3. Go to the Custom CSS page and uncheck "Use layout's stylesheet(s)". Copy and paste this into "Custom Stylesheet URL":|Roboto Slab|Oxygen

4. Copy and paste the code below into "Use embedded CSS" and hit Save.

4. On the same page, make sure your Page Setup is "1 Column (modules at top and bottom; no sidebar)" by hitting Apply Page Setup underneath it.


#b695a6 | #937384

If you can't see any differences you need to either download the fonts or change them to other fonts in the CSS. Make sure you copied the font code properly for the extra fancy fonts.

Georgia 1234567 vs Georgia 1234567

Please upload these to your own server as I cannot guarantee they won't move from their current host.

I'M SERIOUS. THERE IS THIS THING CALLED HOTLINKING which is an ancient term basically meaning that if you don't host your own images, you're using my allotted bandwidth (tl;dr: how much "traffic" an image gets) for my Photobucket account. Photobucket gets pissy after too much is used per image and essentially kills the image so everyone only sees a fugly placeholder. Don't hotlink. This is why I list out the file names for you so you can do a quick ctrl+f and replace the URLS with your own.

Mini Icons - "weather-clouds.png", "weather-moon-clouds.png", "cross-script.png", "heart--exclamation.png", "lock-1.png", "key-1.png", "color-swatches.png", "quill.png", "keyboards-combination.png", "arrow-step-out.png", "magnifier-zoom-out.png", "magnifier-zoom-in.png", "newspaper--plus.png"

"heart-empty.png", "heart-break.png", "favorite-1.png"

"process-1.png", "user_comment.png"

Backgrounds - "twilight-bg.png", "rb15.gif"

Navigation - "home.png", "folder.png", "comment_bubble.png", "rss_feed.png", "attachment.png", "add_to_favorites.png", "user.png"


1. One background is from Fool Lovers. (moved or deleted?) The other one idk. Mini Icons and buttons are from Pinvoke of the Fugue set and Dry Icons of the Stickers set.

2. The fancy fonts are ones I personally picked. You can choose whatever you like but you may need to adjust font sizes.

3. Not using any modules I've used shouldn't mess anything up and it shouldn't matter which ones you want above entries or below.

4. You need to adjust the top margin of #content based on how much space your journal title takes up. So look for margin-top.

5. Specific entry pages are slightly different from the rest of the journal due to how long threads of collapsed comments tend to break the container all comments usually sit in.

6. This layout is inspired by [personal profile] bakesale's Wry layout.

7. Updated to include styling for general images posted inside an entry. To remove, find .entry-content img. Suggested you keep max-width:100%. If you don't want to alter the code, then if you post images inside your own codes (muselists, rp cr, etc.), remember to give them your own background and box-shadow (moz, webkit, etc.) styling to override layout styling.


last updated: 7/23/15 at 7:19pm CST for for quicker reply, reply page tweaks, "user posting in community" tweaks, and I guess I played with the icon browser a little at some point if that wasn't in the older version hurp. Also, styling entry images on a whim.